Aviation Education Scholarship

Aviation Education Scholarship



Dr. Lily Fenn Education Foundation Limited offers a Youth Flying Scholarship (“YFS”) known as “Dr. Lily Fenn Youth Flying Scholarship” each year for flight training up to the level of Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) at Tayside Aviation Limited (www.taysideaviation.co.uk ) in Dundee, Scotland, U.K. The Youth Flying Scholarship is capped at £15,000.00 per scholarship.


A YFS will be awarded each year to provide assistance to a worthy final year university undergraduate or fresh graduate with a view to become an airline pilot or otherwise join the aviation industry in his/her career. “Fresh graduate” is defined as a candidate who acquired a University Bachelor Degree within 36 months immediately preceding the date of application.


Final year undergraduates or fresh graduates from any faculty are welcome to apply for the Youth Flying Scholarship, but they have to be Hong Kong residents and be subject to a selection process through interviews by a Selection Committee and a Flight Grading Aptitude Test on a light aircraft in Hong Kong. Selection criteria include the candidates’ financial need, academic merit, community services, ability and aptitude to be an air pilot.


Details of the full Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) package:



47 hours flying – training rate with  instructor

  Includes JAR PPL skills Test and                  examiners fee

Radio Telephone Exam


9 PPL Exams.

   First attempt at each exam is included in       above

50 hours formal ground instruction  (minimum)

  No charge will be made for extra hours        required over 50

52 night’s accommodation- Dinner, Bed  and Breakfast

Packed lunch also included

  Full board

All transport in Dundee- to and from  hotel


Transport to and from Edinburg airport  at start/ end of course


All landing fees throughout the course


All flight equipment/ training materials

  Includes prior access to our PPL Online        Study

All documentation and licence  application fees to CAA


3 month membership to Tayside Flying  Club

  This covers insurance waiver



If extra exams or lessons have to be taken to complete the training programme, the scholarship will not cover the additional expenses required to allow the scholarship winner to obtain the qualification, although this does not preclude him/her to pay at his/her own expense.

The Applicant is required to arrange and pay for his/her return air-ticket to and from Dundee, Scotland, and obtain U.K. Medical Certificate Class 2, travel insurance and any personal accident insurance against any risks whatsoever associated with or occasioned by his/her flight training and travel outside Hong Kong, at his/her own expense and sole responsibility.


YFS 2022 was suspended owing to the impact of COVID-19 on international travels and the aviation industry globally. 


YFS 2023 shall resume and the deadline for application shall be the 15th February 2023 (Hong Kong time).


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