Dr. Lily Fenn Education Foundation Limited (the “Foundation”) is a registered charity incorporated in Hong Kong in 2014. It is currently chaired by Dr. Lily Fenn and operated under the leadership of several other directors of the Board.


The Foundation is established to advance education in law and/or aviation, as well as to inspire young people by offering them opportunities to explore and study different areas of law and aviation. In furtherance of the objects of the Foundation but not otherwise, the Foundation grants scholarships and awards to such university undergraduates or fresh university graduates in Hong Kong who are interested in law and/or aviation education, as the Foundation thinks fit, to acquire academic, vocational or professional qualifications or degrees in law and/or aviation education in universities, educational institutions or training organizations.


There are two scholarships offered by the Foundation. “Lily Fenn & Partners LLM Scholarship” is set up in 2014 in partnership with the University of Hong Kong to provide assistance to worthy students to pursue a Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) in Hong Kong or overseas. Another scholarship offered is “Dr. Lily Fenn Youth Flying Scholarship” which is established to cover the  tuition fees of the flight training organization, a subsidy on board and accommodation of the aviation scholarship winner in the United Kingdom, leading to a Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplane).

All scholarship winners of the Foundation are invited to join “Dr. Lily Fenn Scholarship Winner Alumni” to keep and maintain the network of all scholarship winners to assist in furthering the objects of the Foundation and their career development.
Charitable donations are most welcome to support the charitable objects of our Foundation for advancement of education.  Any donation of Hong Kong Dollars One Hundred (HK$100) or above shall be entitled to tax exemption under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.
On behalf of all the scholarship winners, we would like to thank all the donors whole-heartedly for their very generous support.